The Spring Holidays Are Approaching- What to do About Those Insensitive Questions? FertiCalm Pro Has the Answers You Need!


With the spring holidays underway or just around the corner, even if family gatherings may not be in person this year, talking on the phone or via Zoom may not prevent inquisitive (nosy?) relatives or friends from asking uncomfortable questions. The “so, when are the two of you going to make me a grandma/aunt/grandpa/great grandmother?” kind of query. Going through the infertility journey can push so many sensitive buttons and the last thing you may want is to have to answer questions which can make you feel even worse. Memorizing “snappy comeback lines” has been our recommendation for years. The idea is to think of the comments or questions which are the hardest to hear and to have some ready responses. Which avoids the oh so common situation where someone says something to you which really hurts, and you wind up in the bathroom crying or two days later you think of what the perfect response would have been.

One of our favorite sections of the FertiCalm app is the “Social Solutions” one. For each of the 50 situations which have the potential to cause distress, there is a series of scripts. So for example, under the Social Events section, under the Family Building subset, here is what the Social Solutions suggestions are:

Insensitive person: “what is taking you so long to get knocked up?”

1.      Polite: “Thank you for your interest in our family building. When we have good news to share, you will be one of the first to know”.

2.      Educate: “It takes some people longer than others to conceive”.

So the idea is to provide you with answers (ammunition?) so that you never feel caught off guard or unprotected when confronted with questions which make you uncomfortable.

Download FertiCalm Pro, scroll through the Social Solutions, and use the ones which are best suited for you. This way hopefully you will never feel caught unaware again!


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