Hi, we are thrilled to announce the redesign and relaunch of our app FertiCalm. We first launched it three years ago, have more than 25, 000 users, but took it down for a bit to update it, make it more visually appealing, added a resources section, and converted it to gender neutral language. It will be launched on March 1 and will be available on the the Apple and Android stores. 

We are both reproductive psychologists with a combined 50+ years of experience. We each see patients individually, as couples, and in groups. We also both conduct research on the psychological aspects of infertility, speak globally, and have written dozens of published papers. 

The reason we decided to create FertiCalm was because of our patients- on a daily basis, our patients were telling us that there were so many daily situations and events which were distressing, such as pregnancy announcements, going to the bathroom at the end of one's cycle, the lack of intimacy, juggling work and doctor visits, and trying not to cry after hearing so many insensitive comments from others.

FertiCalm has fifty situations which are likely to cause emotional pain, and for each situation, there are six suggested solutions. So for example, if you are on a Zoom meeting at work, and someone asks you in front of everyone when you are planning on having kids, you can use one of the "social solutions" on the app, which are scripts to give you ideas on how to be self-protective. In total, there are over 500 strategies to help you cope, including behavioral strategies, managing negative thoughts, relaxations, self-nurturing suggestions and a bit of humor.

www. FertiCalm.com 

We hope that you find it helpful and welcome questions and comments,

Dr. Alice Domar (Ali)

Dr. Elizabeth Grill (Liz)


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